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Precision, Instructor, and Tandem Clinics

We currently only offer advanced clinics and courses


If you're ready to take your skills to the next level, explore our variety of clinics and workshops, including precision, instructor, and tandem options.

At Epic Paramotor, we no longer offer beginner training courses. However, we do provide advanced courses to help you develop your skills and ratings. Our courses include a precision clinic (PPG 3 rating) to teach you energy management and precision skills. We also offer the instructor clinic and tandem instructor clinic for those who possess the necessary skills and experience to become USPPA-certified instructors and tandem pilots.

Our expert-led courses are designed to guide you through every step of the way. We offer a safe, structured, and supportive environment for you to develop your paramotor skills beyond the basics.

Unlock Your Potential

Top Reasons to Choose Our Advanced Training Program

Specialized Advanced Training

Focus solely on advanced training and ratings allows us to provide specialized and in-depth instruction tailored to experienced pilots looking to enhance their skills and obtain advanced ratings like instructor and tandem ratings.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have co-authored the USPPA's "Fundamentals of Paramotor Instructing" curriculum and possess vast flying experience. They employ effective teaching techniques to help you excel as a pilot and instructor in the PPG world.

Exclusive Community

Join a community of like-minded instructors and experienced pilots who share your enthusiasm for powered paragliding. Connect with fellow aviators, forge lasting friendships, exchange tips and resources, and network with industry professionals.

Paramotor Basic Training
Transition Training
Precision Skills Training
Instructor Training
Tandem Training

What Sets Us Apart

Where Passion Meets Professionalism

Comprehensive Curriculum

Extensive, up-to-date course materials covering both paragliding and paramotoring for different skill levels.

Interactive Ground School

Digital and physical ground school resources to enrich your theoretical understanding.


Certified and highly experienced instructors knowledgeable in both paragliding and paramotoring.

Simulation Tools

We use a simulator for hands-on practice in a controlled environment before you fly solo.

Top-Quality, Well-Maintained Gear

We use new and meticulously cared-for equipment for a safe and effective learning experience.

Flexible Scheduling

Convenient class times, including weekend options, to suit various lifestyles. (Utah only)

Meet Your Instructors

Nik & Noah Rasheta - #paramotortwins

From the adrenaline rush of our first skydive at 16 to obtaining pilot licenses in general aviation—Nik in fixed-wing aircraft and Noah in helicopters—we've been fueled by a lifelong passion for flight. Today, we bring that dedication to you as certified USPPA and USHPA instructors. Noah, who currently serves as the President of the USPPA, has even contributed to shaping the industry by authoring the "Fundamentals of Instructing PPG" curriculum.

But accolades aside, what truly drives us is helping aspiring pilots like you achieve their dream of flight. As proud BGD Team Pilots and former members of the P2F Paradevils Aerobatic Formation Team, we're here to offer you nothing short of the highest standard in Paramotoring and Paragliding training. Turn your dream of soaring the skies into an exhilarating reality—train with us!


Noah's calm and supportive demeanor made this the best learning experience I could have wished for! Even past students showed up giving praise! It says a lot!

Zach Buck

Noah is a wonderful instructor and was a true joy to work with. Having dreamt of Paramotoring for nearly 7 years now, there was so much joy, pleasure and satisfaction from accomplishing this dream. Would highly recommend Noah as an instructor to anyone interested in Paramotoring.

Brad Voisin

Mike Flander

Noah is a world class trainer! I’m so glad I chose Epic Paramotor for my training. They created a fantastic environment to make your first flights! Highly recommend.


Call or text if you have any questions

Getting started is simple! Just sign up for our basic training course, which covers all the basics you need to get off the ground. We offer boot camp and flexible scheduling (UT only) to accommodate your needs.

Absolutely not! Our courses are designed to take you from zero experience to becoming a proficient pilot. We offer training tailored to various skill levels.

Safety is our top priority. We use top-quality, well-maintained gear and our instructors are highly trained and certified. Additionally, we adhere to all safety guidelines and protocols to ensure a secure learning environment.

The time it takes varies from person to person, depending on your ability to master the skills. Typically, our basic courses last around 10 days, but we also offer extended training for those looking to advance further. After completing our training, you will have enough knowledge and expertise to fly independently in a safe manner. You can expect to gain more experience and improve your skills in the initial few months depending on the frequency of your flights.

The cost varies depending on the course you choose and the duration of your training. Our basic training is $3,000 but we also have other courses we offer. We offer competitive pricing to make it as affordable as possible. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

We are a proud Parajet school.

We use the Parajet Maverick for training


USPPA and USHPA Certified Instructors