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Paramotor Training & Gear Sales

We are a proud Parajet school.

We use the Parajet Maverick for training


We are a USPPA approved flight school.

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Paramotor Training & Gear Sales

We offer paramotor training (basic and advanced) and new gear sales in Utah and Arizona.


Nik & Noah Rasheta - #paramotortwins

We've been passionate about flying since we were young. We started skydiving when we were 16 and we both went on to get pilot licenses in general aviation (Nik fixed wing and Noah helicopter). We love Paramotoring and we want to share this sport with others. If your dream is to fly, let us help you make your dream a reality!

We're both honored to be BGD Team Pilots and we're also both on the P2F Paradevils Aerobatic Formation Team.

Noah Rasheta

USPPA Instructor Administrator / BGD Team Pilot

Nik Rasheta

USPPA Flight Instructor / BGD Team Pilot

Why train with us?

The truth is that there are several good schools/instructors and training programs out there. If you're doing the training little by little (on weekends for example), most training programs will take several weeks and most likely months to complete the USPPA syllabus. By contrast, our "Bootcamp" approach is designed to teach you everything you need to know within 8 days (most students are flying by day 4). For 8 consecutive days, you will eat, sleep, and breath paramotor training. Our basic training includes the following USPPA ratings: PPG1, PPG2, and PPG3. Our advanced training offers USPPA Instructor and Tandem Instructor ratings.

Ready to get started?

Start by reading EVERYTHING on our "start here" guide.


Best family experience ever!!! Such wonderful people and instructors where friendly, professional, and worked very well with my entire family. I would recommend Noah for anyone from young to old. He is very calm and works with each individual at there own pace. If equipment had problems, he would work hard to find solutions, or work with manufacture to resolve problem. I couldn’t have asked for a better week. The best family memory we will remember for a long time!!!!

Tanya McNally Newman

I can't say enough good things about this school and it's instructors. BEST life changing guides anyone could ask for! you can get out of this school everything you put in so I suggest full send go for it!

Dustin Apgar


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