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USPPA Tandem Training


Master the intricacies of both foot launch and wheel launch tandem flying with our specialized USPPA-certified Tandem Training Course. This course is for highly skilled pilots who are ready to share the love of flying with others.

Two types of tandem training

Foot Launch Tandem

Designed for highly skilled pilots, this specialized program delves deep into the intricacies of doing foot launch tandem flights.

USPPA Tandem Ratings

We offer two different tandem ratings. One for foot launch and another for wheel launch.

Wheel Launch Tandem

Tailored for trike pilots, this course explores the specific techniques required for successful wheel launch tandem flights.

Foot Launch

Candidate Requirements:

We uphold stringent criteria for those aspiring to master foot launch tandem flights. Beyond meeting the USPPA prerequisites, we mandate the following qualifications:

  • Must have a USPPA Instructor rating. 
  • A minimum of 300 flights logged.
  • Has a reputation for safety and skill.
  • Pass the USPPA tandem written test.
  • Can consistently launch and land in zero-wind.
  • Must complete 5 successful tandem flights during the course.
  • Must log a total of 24 tandem flights (can be done after the clinic).

Wheel Launch

Candidate Requirements:

We maintain elevated criteria for individuals interested in specializing in wheel launch tandem flights. Beyond meeting the USPPA prerequisites, we mandate the following qualifications:

  • Must have a PPG3 (WL) rating.
  • Minimum 1-year flying experience and 100 hours.
  • Excellent history of aeronautical decision-making, judgment, maturity, and risk management.
  • Completed the Introductory Tandem Instructor Syllabus.
  • Passed written test.
  • Signs and agrees to ITI commitment letter.


Offering tandem flights is not merely an extension of solo flying; it's a role that carries with it amplified responsibilities and implications for safety. When you have another person's life in your hands, it's crucial to make safe decisions. Can you accurately assess situations, make wise choices, and act confidently under pressure? This job requires not just skill, but a steadfast dedication to your passenger's safety and well-being. Make sure you're ready for the added responsibility that comes with providing tandem flights.

The Tandem Clinic

Our Tandem Training Clinic is often conducted in conjunction with our Instructor Clinic, providing a comprehensive learning experience. Opting for both clinics simultaneously can be cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to enroll and pay separately. The duration of the tandem course varies based on the launching method: The Wheel Launch Tandem Course typically spans 2 days, whereas the Foot Launch Course ranges between 2 to 3 days, though exceptions may apply. It's worth noting that the Tandem Clinic shares significant ground school content with our Instructor Clinic. To better understand how the tandem course will cater to your specific needs and expectations, we recommend reaching out for a personalized consultation.


The Tandem Clinic is usually held twice a year, coinciding with the Instructor Clinic. If you possess the Instructor rating (mandatory for foot launch) or require only the Wheel Launch Tandem, we can arrange sessions to complete the course at your convenience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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If you intend to fly, it's recommended to practice on the equipment you plan to use. However, in case you require it, you can rent our tandem gear. Our available options include BGD Dual Lite for foot launch and BGD Cyclone for wheel launch.

We offer training sessions at various locations in Utah, chosen based on weather and specific skill or task. The three most common locations are:

Cedar Valley Airport (Eagle Mountain, UT)
Point of the Mountain Flight Park (Draper, UT)
The Great Salt Lake (Magna, UT)

No. The clinic will allow us to evaluate your skills, knowledge, and teaching aptitude. If you're not ready to pass the course, we'll offer feedback and steps to help you complete your journey to becoming a qualified tandem pilot.

According to the FAA exemption we operate under, tandem flights can only be offered for instructional purposes. While it's perfectly fine to incorporate sightseeing elements into your flight, the primary focus must remain instructional. We encourage you to verbally guide your passenger through the flight experience, teaching them about the techniques and safety aspects involved in paragliding. Keep in mind that safety is paramount, especially when you are responsible for a passenger. Always exercise extreme caution, avoiding low flying and flying over water.

No. They are both separate ratings. You'll need each one if you plan on doing both foot launch and wheel launch tandem flights.