Transition between PG and PPG

Paragliding Transition Training


Are you a paramotor pilot curious about the joys of freeflight? Or perhaps a paraglider itching to venture into the powered realm? Our Paragliding Transition Training is your gateway to mastering both disciplines. Guided by instructors certified by both the USPPA for paramotoring and the USHPA for paragliding, this course offers a comprehensive transition experience. For the motor-driven aviators, learn to embrace the pure exhilaration of freeflight, leaving that motor behind. And for our freeflight aficionados, understand the dynamics of harnessing motor power to explore the skies in an entirely new dimension.


We offer a custom course to help paramotor pilots transition to paragliding.


We are pleased to be able to offer both USPPA and USHPA ratings.


We offer a custom course to help paragliding pilots transition to paramotoring.

PPG to PG - $1,000

Transition from Paramotoring to Paragliding

Unlock the Freedom of Freeflight with Our Paramotor to Paragliding Transition Course

Are you a seasoned paramotor pilot intrigued by the allure of paragliding? If so, our transition course is the perfect next step on your aviation journey. While both forms of flying share similarities, they each come with their own set of unique challenges and thrills. One key distinction often lies in ground handling skills, particularly when dealing with higher wind speeds commonly found at paragliding sites.

We've designed this specialized 4-day course, encompassing up to 8 tailored sessions that focus on sharpening your abilities and instilling the confidence needed for seamless paragliding. Conducted at the iconic Point of the Mountain in Draper, UT, our training provides hands-on experience in ideal conditions. Whether it's mastering the nuances of launching in 12-15 mph winds at ridge soaring sites or refining other paragliding-specific skills, we've got you covered.

We use the USHPA P2 syllabus for this course.
It will generally take at least 4 days (8 sessions) to complete this course.

USHPA P2 Rating

A USHPA P2 rating will allow you to fly at several paragliding sites around the country.

Rental gear included

You can learn on our school gear at no additional cost. We use the BGD Magic for our paragliding training.

Fly the Point of the Mountain

You will receive training at the world-famous Point of the Mountain Flight Park in Draper, UT, which is a training site insured by USHPA.

PG to PPG - $750

Transition from Paragliding to Paramotoring

Elevate Your Paragliding Skills into Powered Flight with Our Paragliding to Paramotor Transition Course

Are you a paraglider pilot looking to expand your horizons with paramotoring? Unlock a whole new realm of aerial adventure with our intensive 2-day course designed specifically for pilots like you. While the core principles of paragliding and paramotoring overlap, the launch and landing techniques require a different skill set that our course aims to instill.

Through four targeted sessions, we focus heavily on simulator work to perfect throttle control, and weight and balance adjustments. Expect hands-on motor exercises on the ground to refine your posture and understand the nuances of launch techniques. We know that paragliding pilots often find it challenging to "trust the thrust," leaning into their traditional "torpedo" posture. Our specialized training aims to break those habits, equipping you with the skills to handle motorized thrust confidently.

Another focus area is mastering the no-wind launch—a challenge unique to paramotoring and often unfamiliar to paragliding pilots accustomed to stronger winds. Get ready to redefine your flying capabilities and explore the skies in a way you've never experienced before.

*The price is lower if you have your own gear.

We use the USPPA PPG 2 syllabus for this course.
It will generally take at least 2 days (4 sessions) to complete this course.

USPPA PPG 2 Rating

You will obtain the USPPA PPG 2 rating upon successful completion of this course. The rating is not required but highly recommended.

Rental gear included

You can learn on our school gear at no additional cost. We use the BGD Magic and the Parajet Maverick for our paramotor training.

Acquire new skills

Mastering one discipline will inevitably make you better at the other. Pilots who do both paramotoring and paragliding are generally more skilled than they were when they only did one.

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These courses are designed for pilots with average or above-average skills. If you happen to have advanced skills in your discipline, it's very likely you will complete the required syllabus content in the allotted time or possibly sooner. Give us a call and we can discuss the possibility of charging per session. We treat each transition training on a case-by-case basis.

We offer training sessions at various locations in Utah, chosen based on weather and specific skill or task. The three most common locations are:

Cedar Valley Airport (Eagle Mountain, UT)
Point of the Mountain Flight Park (Draper, UT)
The Great Salt Lake (Magna, UT)

We can provide you with all the gear you'll need at no additional cost. If you have your own gear, we might be able to offer a discount on the price depending on your skill level and the amount of time it might take us to complete the course. Give us a call to discuss the details.

In case you need more sessions, we offer 2 extra ones at no cost. Afterwards, additional sessions will be charged at $250 per session.

The yearly membership fee for USPPA is $35, which is not mandatory but strongly suggested. To fly at USHPA insured sites, a USHPA membership is required. The Point of the Mountain is one such site, and a USHPA membership is mandatory for flying there. A 10-day USHPA membership is available at no expense, but if you intend to fly at that location after training, you should obtain a full membership, which costs $150 per year and includes liability insurance at all USHPA LZ's. Additional details about membership benefits can be found at