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USPPA Paramotor Instructor Training


Designed for highly skilled pilots, this specialized program delves deep into the intricacies of teaching paramotoring, from crafting effective lesson plans to mastering the art of in-flight coaching. Our curriculum focuses on transforming you into a dedicated educator—a guide who instills not only skills but also confidence and a deep sense of responsibility in budding aviators. Elevate your passion for flight into a calling, and empower the next generation of PPG pilots to soar safely and skillfully.

These are the steps

1 - Meet the Requirements

Make sure you meet the current USPPA requirements to qualify for this rating.

2 - Attend an Instructor Clinic

Our Instructor Clinic is a 5-day course that covers the "Fundamentals of Instructing PPG."

3 - Pass the written test

Instructor candidates are required to pass the USPPA written test for instructors.

The Requirements

Established by the USPPA

According to the USPPA, the following requirements must be met in order to qualify as a candidate for the Instructor Rating:

  • Pilot has PPG 3 skills/knowledge (+100 flights) and uses good judgment.
  • Pilot has a level of maturity commensurate with the instructor rating.
  • Attend and pass a USPPA instructor clinic and complete at least 20 hours of apprenticeship.
  • Pass the USPPA instructor written test.
  • Pass a First Aid and CPR class (can be done online).
  • Sign the “USPPA Instructor Commitment Letter” (signed during the clinic).


Being an instructor is more than a title; it's a big responsibility. It requires experience and proficiency. Have you flown with various paramotors and wings? Have you experienced various locations, terrains, and flying conditions? But flying skills aren't enough. Do you have a knack for teaching and a genuine desire to help others learn? If you're looking for a status boost or a resume filler, this role isn't for you. Becoming an instructor means you'll be shaping new pilots' skills, confidence, and approach to safety. Make sure you're ready for that commitment.

The Instructor Clinic

Embark on a transformative journey with our 5-day Instructor Clinic, meticulously designed to turn seasoned pilots into skilled educators. We go beyond mere flight skills to delve into the psychology of learning and teaching. From understanding human behavior and cognitive biases to mastering effective communication and risk assessment, this clinic covers it all. Through instructor role-play and real-life teaching scenarios, you'll practice not just 'what' to teach but 'how' to teach it, shaping your students into safe, confident pilots. You'll emerge from this intensive course not just as a subject matter expert, but as a highly capable instructor armed with an arsenal of teaching techniques and a deep understanding of your responsibilities and professionalism. Step up to the plate, and transform your passion for flying into a vocation for empowering others.


Due to a recent career change, we currently do not have any instructor clinics scheduled. We may consider providing custom clinics or one-on-one instructor training on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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The instructor training includes the "Paraglider and Paramotor Instructor" book by Jeff Goin. Upon completing the course, we will also give you all of the training resources we use in our curriculum. That includes six thorough slide shows for ground school and eight pages of student resources that you can offer your students. You can customize our resources as needed for your school: slideshows, syllabus, checklist, waivers, etc. Everything we use in our school will be made available to you.

We offer training sessions at various locations in Utah, chosen based on weather and specific skill or task. The three most common locations are:

Cedar Valley Airport (Eagle Mountain, UT)
Point of the Mountain Flight Park (Draper, UT)
The Great Salt Lake (Magna, UT)

No. The clinic will allow us to evaluate your skills, knowledge, and teaching aptitude. If you're not ready to pass the course, we'll offer feedback and steps to help you complete your journey to becoming a qualified instructor.

No. The tandem rating is a separate rating from the instructor rating. We offer a tandem clinic for qualified instructors who want to add the tandem rating. If you want to obtain both ratings during the same clinic, we can do that. There is no additional cost to add the tandem clinic unless you need to rent our tandem gear.

It really depends. If you already have apprenticeship experience with another school or instructor, it's possible that you can complete everything during the 4-day clinic. If you don't have any prior teaching experience, you will likely have to complete some apprenticeship hours with any USPPA school or instructor before you can get approval for this rating. If you're not sure, give us a call and we can discuss the possible scenarios with you.