Wings With Personality - #spreadthecolors

Paraglider Price Beginner Intermediate Experienced Tandem
Seed $1,435 KITING
Magic Motor $3,400 DGAC EN/LTF-B
Wasp Motor $3,400 DGAC EN/LTF-B
Epic Motor $3,500 DGAC/EN-B
Echo Motor $3,760 DGAC/EN-B
Luna 2 $3,600 DGAC
Dual $4,300 DGAC EN/LTF-B
Dual Lite $4,500 DGAC EN/LTF-B

BGD - Bruce Goldsmith Design

Our mission is to build gliders with personality: exceptional wings with the refined handling and innovative qualities that Bruce Goldsmith has become renowned for. We love the feeling of being connected to the air through your wing, and our wings are designed with that in mind. Our goal is to make wings pilots love to fly.