Parajet Mav Max


Think of the Mav Max as the slightly larger big brother of the popular Parajet Maverick. It has a bigger hoop that allows for a larger prop. It comes with a 140cm prop rather than the 125cm prop that is standard with the Maverick. It’s available in several colors and you can order it with a Factory R or with the Moster 185 Plus (2.87).

If you are 5ft 9 or less, choose the S/M. If you are over 5ft 9, choose the L/XL.

These generally ship directly from the factory in the U.K. unless they are available in the warehouse in Florida.



Every improvement on Mav Max sets a higher standard. The new larger cage geometry is optimized for power to create a new level of flight performance. The removable fuel tank adds improved safety and practicality. While the next evolution in our snap-fit netting system offers easier and faster assembly. Fly with Mav Max and take your flying to the next level.


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Maverick – Atom 80, Maverick – Moster 185 Plus, Maverick – Moster 185 Plus Dual Start, Maverick Sport – Moster 185 Plus, Maverick Sport – Moster 185 Plus Dual Start, Maverick Sport R – Moster 185 Factory R, Maverick Pro R (larger hoop) – Moster 185 Factory R