Demo Wing Program

Thank you for your interest in our Wing demo program. With this program, you can test fly a BGD or Ozone wing prior to purchasing. You can find manuals for the wings on their respective websites.

Once you receive the wing, you have a period of seven days to test it out by kiting and flying. After the seven days are up, please send the wing back via either Fedex or UPS with a tracking number to ensure its safe return. The demo fee is $60 per wing, which includes shipping to you.

Please fill out the form below to get started.

If you require an extension for the demo beyond 7 days, let us know. Depending on the waitlist for the specific wing, we might be able to offer an extension. Please contact us at 435-315-7929.

Please refrain from making any alterations to the wing. In the event that a line is accidentally damaged, kindly inform us and we will conduct an inspection upon its return to our facility. Rest assured that we will handle any necessary repairs. For replacing a single line, the fee is $25, while more extensive fabric damages will incur a $50 charge.