Site Introduction

Welcome to Cedar Valley Airport

Cedar Valley Airport is a private airport primarily for registered aircraft (N-numbered). Powered paragliders / Paramotors are currently allowed to launch and land here as long as the following rules are understood and followed. If you are here for the first time, please talk to other pilots to introduce yourself and get a general briefing of this location. Here are the key things to know:
  1. Please sign a liability waiver (only needs to be signed once). These forms are located in the small white trailer near the front of the school bus (pilot lounge).
  2. Consider leaving a voluntary $5 donation (per day). These funds are used to maintain weed control, portable bathroom, and other things. The envelope is located in the small white trailer near the liability waivers.
  3. When other aircraft are present, please fly according to the runway pattern set by the aircraft in the pattern. Upwind/Crosswind/Downwind/Base/Final. Refer to the drawing below. Do not fly low buzzing around the runway or cross the runway when other aircraft are present. Please respect the pattern and be sure to allow plenty of space for general aviation to use the runway properly.
  4. Low aerobatic maneuvers are not allowed near the runway or near any of the airport buildings/structures.
  5. An aviation radio is highly recommended so that you can monitor frequency 123.45. When using the radio, please announce yourself and state your intentions to "Cedar Valley Traffic".
  6. Be aware of aircraft attempting to launch/land on the runways or navigating the taxiways.
  7. Please stay away from the houses that are North and East of the airport.
  8. Camping is only permitted with permission from the airport manager.
  9. No motorcycles, ATV's, or other recreational vehicles are allowed on the runway.

If you have any questions about flying your paramotor at Cedar Valley Airport, please call/text Noah Rasheta at 435-315-7929. If you have any airport-related questions, please call/text the CVA airport manager Kent Price at 801-554-0015.