Here are links to download the various documents you’ll be using for training.

Liability Waiver – Click here –

Please print and sign the liability waiver. The first part of the waiver is designed to inform us of any potential health issues we need to be aware of before we allow you to start training. It will be helpful for us to know if you have any health concerns that we may need to work around during training. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Syllabus – Click here –

The USPPA syllabus will be our guide to ensure we cover all the content in our training course. We will complete all of PPG1 and part of PPG2 during training. After training, you will continue to use the PPG2 syllabus and eventually the PPG3 syllabus to ensure you are learning and practicing everything you need to do. This syllabus combined with the Powered Paragliding Bible will be incredibly useful during your first year of training.

PPG1 & PPG2 Limitations – Click here –

The limitations sheet will specify what the limitations are for PPG1 and PPG2 pilots. We will be operating under PPG1 limitations until you complete your first solo and the first couple of flights after that. Then you will operate under the PPG2 limitations.

Hand Signals – Click here –

The hand signals will help you to know how we communicate for the first several flights in the event that we lose radio communications. It would be helpful for you to be familiar with these.