ITV Jedi 2 – S

$3,535.00 $2,000.00

This wing is ideal for you if you weigh between 140 – 165 lbs and you are a beginner/intermediate pilot. If you are intermediate to advanced, you can weigh up to 190 lbs and still be ok on this wing.

These calculations assume you have a 60lb paramotor (that’s a good average).



Virtually new ITV Jedi 2 (S – 23m).

This wing has only flown about 5 times or less. Purchased by a former student who has left the sport. It retails for $3535 but is available at an incredibly good deal for $2000. This is a true dual-purpose wing for free-flight (PG) and motor flight (PPG). It’s an intermediate (B rated) wing that is a lot of fun to fly. Paramotor (PPG) weight range: 65-113 kg (143 – 249 lbs) and Paragliding (PG) range: 65 – 85 kg (143 – 187 lbs)

Wing has flown 3 times in Utah and 2 times in Arizona. The wing was kited once on the beach but never flown there. This wing was purchased brand new from Aerolight in December 2018 and arrived from ITV in January 2019. A former Student trained in February 2019 and then only flew those five times in 2019 and it’s been sitting ever since in the bag stored indoors. Includes wing, stuff bag, extra PG risers and PPG risers (already installed), and manual. Will to ship to any U.S. address – Buyer pays for shipping cost. Wing details available here: