ICARO 2000 Skyrider


Only add this if you selected the Deluxe Comms AND you want to listen to Music.

If you selected Sena Tufftalk for your comms AND you plan on using a two-way radio, please select the proper radio connection cable based on the brand of your two-way radio.



The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ PPG helmet, with an optional clear visor, is the result of years of research in the Powered Paragliding community. Icaro took the time to find out what pilots wanted in a communication helmet and this is the result. The combination of the quality of workmanship, materials used, great looks and affordable price will make this helmet the first choice among PPG pilots. The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ is a fully certified polycarbonate technology open face PPG helmet. Not sure how to choose? Please read ALL the details here (How to Choose) before ordering.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz