Feb 3 – 10 Arizona


Limited spots available…claim your spot today. 5 spots available

Not ready to pay? If you know you want to do it but you’re not ready to pay the full price, you can at least reserve your spot by paying a $250 deposit now and then pay the balance before you start training. Click here to pay the deposit only.



8 days of training. Most students will solo by the 4th day of training. Training days consist of ground handling (kiting), classroom work, paramotor simulator exercises, tow flights (as needed), and tandem flights (as needed).

What’s included?

  • USPPA syllabus
  • USPPA PPG1 rating and PPG1 test (not required but highly encouraged)
  • Powered Paragliding Bible (This is the textbook we’ll use)
  • Ground school
  • 8 days of training from sunrise to sunset (with breaks)
  • Ongoing training – You’re always welcome back to continue training.
  • Lots of fun memories!


  • Maximum weight of 250lbs
  • You need to be capable of sprinting for 15 seconds with 60lbs on your back
  • You are responsible for your food and lodging (hotel, Airbnb, etc)
  • Foot launch only (if you want to learn on wheels, we can recommend some schools/instructors)

Refunds – We understand that life happens and when it does, schedules change and needs change. If you have to cancel for any reason whatsoever, we will refund your training fee. If you don’t train, you don’t pay, period! Yep, even if you cancel the morning of (which we hope you won’t). If you have to leave during training, we will refund a prorated amount (full cost split into 8 days and full refund for the days you don’t train).